Weight Loss & Weight Management

Eating the Paleo Diet most often has weight loss results. Most carbohydrates come from root vegetables and most fats consumed are healthy essential fats.

The restriction of refined sugar is a great way to wean off a sugar or carb addiction.

Our Paleo prepared meals and baked goods are the opposite of empty calories. Everything is useable fuel for your body to work with and remain satisfied. You will notice cravings for junk food cease. You will not have unpredictable hunger pains.

Eating real food that has not been processed lends to better sleeping, energy level, hair,, skin and no mood swings. Remove yourself from the diet rollercoaster and end yo-yo dieting. This is your solution. It cannot get any easier now with everything being prepared for you. There are no excuses.

One of the biggest health benefits of consuming a Paleo diet comes from its anti-inflammatory nature. Chronic inflammation is the cause of most serious diseases like cancer, heart disease and leaky gut. Acne, muscular sclerosis and autism also receives benefits from this diet.