In 2010 there were not many recipe books or much gudance available to cook the Paleo Diet. Out of necessity for her family, Sandie attacked the extreme learning curve of creating healthy, delicious and innovative Paleo meals and baked goods.

"In order for people to sustain the Paleo eating lifestyle for the rest of their lives, they need to feel like they're not missing out. They need to feel "satisfied" everyday."

All food items such as rice, bagels, protein bars, fried chicken, spaghetti, lasagna etc, have been Paleo created. Therefore people can be sure they are eating with the absence of soy, dairy, grains, legumes and refined sugar. Those with food allergies and gluten intolerance are most appreciative as well.

The baked goods are so sinfully delicious, they taste like you are cheating. They should never be confused with simple gluten free baked goods. These are far more superior and taste out of this world.

Primal Cravings was started and continues to be driven by people that need or simply choose to eat the delicious line of prepared meals and baked goods.

We wish for you to all enjoy the benefits of all our items on the menu. The may include weight management, loss of sugar and carb addictions, better sleep, skin, hair and increased energy levels.